AcneZon Dermica Acne Essence

June 2, 2023

Name: AcneZon Dermica Acne Essence

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Specification: 2ml*10 bottles/box

Shape: liquid

Origin: Switzerland

Shelf life: 5 years

Suitable parts: face

Suitable for people: for acne inflammation, acne scars, oil and water imbalance, large pores

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Hyaluronic acid
Zinc Gluconate
Salicylic Acid
Witch Hazel Leaf Extract
Calendula Officinalis Extract

Anti-inflammatory and anti-acne: Calendula extract, North American witch hazel leaf extract, salicylic acid and other ingredients have anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial effects and can be used to treat inflammation, acne, pimples and other conditions;

Repairing acne skin: effectively repairing damaged cells, stimulating cell regeneration, hydrating and moisturizing, improving the microenvironment of the muscle base, eliminating internal inflammation, inactivating harmful bacteria and repairing acne skin from the inside out;

Lighten acne marks: lighten scars, inhibit melanin production, repair damaged cells, enhance skin cell regeneration, quickly lighten acne marks and help repair acne pits;

Skin regeneration: strengthens the muscle base, stimulates deep collagen production and promotes internal cell regeneration;

regulating water and oil: introduced into the dermis to replenish the skin with sufficient water, soothe dry skin, regulate the skin's water-oil balance and reduce cortex and sebum;

Soothing and reddening: calming the skin, improving sensitive skin, repairing damaged skin, soothing inflammation and redness of acne, making the skin gradually return to a healthy state.

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