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January 4, 2022

Latest company news about Placentex - PDRN

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Placentex - PDRN

(Polidesossiribonucleotide) PDRN is derived from sperm trout through an extraction process. Polinucleotides and PDRN generate a treatment used to speed up the healing of wounds, ulcers and bedsores, as well as in the topical treatment of burns. The Research & Development of medicinal substances and medical devices for wound healing are indicative of the continuous commitment to the treatment of acute and chronic skin damage.

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PDRN is a powerful rejuvenation and anti-inflammatory properties that help with skin repair, wound healing, moisturizing very dry skin, burned scar repair, lighten skin tone, excellent skin lifting, skin regeneration and renewal. It is also an excellent preventive treatment to delay ageing process, so you will always look younger than your age.

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In 2001, researchers from University of Siena, Italy, found that skin graft patients who also received PDRN injections concurrently had significantly faster wound healingthan those receiving placebo. PDRN was thus first approved for clinical use in Italy as a tissue repair stimulating agent.

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PDRN standardizes the DNA structure into the right size, replacing the damaged and aged skin with young and healthy skin. PDRN selectively acts on the A2 purinergic receptor to help cell growth and neogenesis. Besides the clinical treatment of orthopaedic conditions such as plantar fascitis, other forms of chronic tendinosis, it has also found success in treatment of certain skin ulcers, with improved wound healing, relief of skin oedema and reduction of pain. In 2008, was approved for use in tissue repair and treatment of wound in skin graft.

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