Apriline Hyaluronic Acid

November 9, 2023

Apriline Hyaluronic Acid

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Apriline Forte is designed to provide deep treatments for multiple facial areas. It can be used to smoothen out depressions, even out contours and address deeper wrinkles and folds. This treatment is ideal for individuals in need of more intense, long-lasting correction. It is extremely safe, effective, comfortable, and convenient.


Results can last for as long as one year.


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Apriline Normal lido is the versatile filler, formulated to correct moderate to severe wrinkles and depressions throughout many areas of the face, the only exception being the areas adjacent to the eyes. It is easy to administer with very little to no discomfort for the client. Like other Apriline products, Apriline Normal delivers radiant and revitalized skin.


The results are immediate and the effects are long lasting.