BCN ASIAN Centella

May 10, 2023

Name: BCN ASIAN Centella
Specification: Ampoule|2mlx10pcs/box
Origin: Spain
Suitable parts: face and all parts of the body
Scope of application: acne, acne, dryness, redness, stretch marks and scars and other skin problems
Storage method: room temperature, cool and dry place to store

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Main ingredients: Centella asiatica extract, Morinda citrifolia extract, Ivy extract

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Summary of efficacy
Barrier Repair: Enhances the skin's own barrier function, deeply repairs the skin barrier, penetrates every damaged area, strongly repairs, relieves itching and redness, calms the skin, and improves skin tolerance.
Improves acne: improves dry skin, regulates facial water-oil balance, inhibits sebum secretion, repairs damaged cells, strengthens skin barrier, eliminates skin inflammation, soothes and fades redness, and improves acne skin overall.
Promote healing: prevent the growth of bacteria on the skin surface, enhance the skin's self-immune regulation function, repair damaged cells at the bottom of the muscle, eliminate inflammation, and promote the healing of various types of skin inflammation and wounds.