BNLS neo

January 19, 2024

BNLS (Brand New LipoSculpting) neo

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BNLS neo is a new type of liposoluble injection that combines the active ingredient "deoxycholic acid" with traditional "BNLS". "BNLS" is a liposoluble agent mainly made from plant extracts, which can enhance the effect of fat burning.

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Deoxycholic acid "is a pharmaceutical ingredient recognized by the US FDA for its lipid-solubility. Its function is to directly destroy the adipocyte membrane, remove neutral fat, and cause adipocyte necrosis. Fat is naturally excreted through veins and lymphatic vessels.
BNLSneo contains 9 natural active ingredients

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The main component of BNLS neo is phosphatidylcholine.
Inject phosphatidylcholine into subcutaneous fat using a fine needle. Not only will fat be excreted, but waste from the skin will also be excreted.
In addition to facial treatment, BNLS neo injection is also suitable for body parts such as the upper arm, back fat, waist, and thighs.
Characteristics of BNLS neo

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Lipolytic effect
Improve metabolic rate and optimize the mobilization of stored energy
Strengthen vascular and lymphatic circulation drainage
Promoting a healthy cycle
Tightening effect
Promote collagen production and restore youthful skin