December 30, 2022

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20pcs Blunt /Sharp needle cannulae V Line Fox Eye Eyebrow Face Jaw Lift Skin Care Mono Screw Tornado Molding Hilos Thread

Wrinkle Removal Face Lift Improve Skin Profhilo H+L Anti-Wrinkle Profhilo Injection Hyaluronic Acid


61 nutrients [5 purified peptides + 12 vitamins + 23 amino acids + hyaluronic acid + 3 antioxidants (glutathione) + 6 nucleic acids + 11 coenzymes]

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1. Hydrating and brightening

Replenishes moisture, leaving the skin continuously hydrated, non-dry, hydrated and translucent, allowing the skin to enter the most ideal state.

2、Nourish and renew

Promotes collagen production, skin elasticity, replenishes vitality, nourishes the skin, anti-oxidation and anti-ageing.

3、Fighting the first signs of ageing

Enhances skin luminosity, reduces pigmentation, accelerates cellular metabolism, lightens and resists various facial blemishes, delays ageing and reverses clear white skin.

4、Lifting and firming

Improves skin suppleness, neutralises free radicals, increases skin lustre and elasticity, shrinks pores, brightens and tightens skin.

5、Transparent and flawless

Inhibits melanin in the body, improves skin pigmentation, evens out skin tone and whiten skin from the inside out to create flawless white skin.

6、Light and tender

Stimulate cell growth, promote cell value-added, increase skin elasticity and glossiness, adhere to the use of the skin light and soft.