C·MAJOR Lumiere

January 5, 2023

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C-MAJOR Lumiere
Size: 5*3ml/box

OLIGOPEPTIDE-34, 14 active peptide complexes, niacinamide, triglyceride, alpha-arbutin, medical hyaluronic acid, whitening and antioxidant plant extracts, etc.

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Summary of efficacy.

01 Clears blemishes: inhibits the activity of complexinase from the root, accelerates the breakdown and excretion of melanin, reduces the transfer of melanosomes to new keratin-forming cells, goes straight to the bottom of the muscle to block pigment reflux, effectively lightens stubborn spots and helps restore clear and bright skin.

02 Intense whitening: A precise formula with a variety of whitening ingredients to remove melanin from the skin and brighten the complexion from the inside out, leaving the skin less dull and yellow.

03 Even skin tone: Improves internal circulation, lightens melanin, prevents melanin deposits, repairs uneven skin tone and improves dull and yellow skin texture.

04 Acne scar repair: activates cell repair power, accelerates melanin cell metabolism and lightens facial acne marks and scars.

05 Delay ageing: Promotes collagen production, smoothes fine lines, improves internal circulation, reduces free radical damage to the skin, anti-oxidation and anti-ageing.

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