November 6, 2023

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As the years go by, the stress in life, endocrine disorders and some external stimuli such as wind and sun, environmental pollution, smoking and drinking, etc. make the skin more and more fragile and sensitive, more and more dry, and more and more loose. , More and more dull and dull, and wrinkles began to breed crazily!
The birth of Silk Li Kinetic can effectively solve all these skin problems, and prevent and slow down skin aging.

Due to the exclusive laboratory research and development technology, the basic functions of all products have:
——Protect the skin, resist oxidation, delay aging and external stimuli.
——Fully moisturize and rejuvenate skin
——Maintain and brighten the skin gloss, and solve the dull and dull skin.
——Restore the original elasticity of the skin.
——Slow down the growth of fine lines and make the skin tender and smooth.

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Cytocare kinetic energy meets all the needs of aging skin for nutrients. The core component of Cytocare kinetic energy is non-crosslinked hyaluronic acid. It also contains 14 kinds of minerals, 21 kinds of amino acids, 11 kinds of vitamins, nucleic acids, coenzymes, Anti-oxidants, trace elements and other active ingredients can replenish thirsty skin at one time, and improve skin problems such as roughness, dullness, dark spots, uneven skin, loose napkins, sagging apple muscles caused by lack of water and nutrients .

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Among them, the active ingredient content of Silky Kinetic 532 is super high. At present, there is really no kinetic element on the market that can compare to it. Pay attention here. Similarly, Silk Li 532 has no whitening ingredients and no anti-aging. It is suitable for compounding with other functional products.

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