September 1, 2022

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Specifications: 4ml*5 bottles/box

Origin: France

Ingredients: 40mg small molecules + 40mg macromolecular hyaluronic acid

Function: moisturizing and brightening skin, firming skin, plump and elastic, anti-aging

Advantages: Using the latest technology of French Silk Labs, containing 80mg hyaluronic acid, multi-effects in one


latest company news about CYTOCARE 640  1

Efficacy summary

anti aging:

Antioxidant, scavenge harmful free radicals, resist UV damage, lighten fine lines on the face, activate cell vitality, and improve skin aging problems from the inside out.

Lift and tighten:

Repair damaged cells, promote the production of collagen and elastin, restore the elasticity of the skin, lift the sagging facial skin, and reshape the beautiful and smooth contour of the face.

Deep Hydration:

It penetrates deep into the dermis layer, replenishes moisture to the skin, improves the skin problems caused by the lack of water, deeply nourishes the cells, and leaves the skin hydrated and full.

Remove dark yellow:

Promote cell metabolism, comprehensively improve yellowing, dryness and other problems caused by various factors, dilute facial pigment, and gradually restore healthy and fair skin.

Brighten skin colour:

Increases skin moisture, improves skin hydration and increases skin radiance.