Cytocare 640 C Line

September 22, 2022

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Hyaluronic acid: 80mg/4ml (40mg high molecular weight hyaluronic acid, 40mg low molecular weight hyaluronic acid)

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Anti-aging: Antioxidant, remove harmful free radicals, resist UV damage, lighten fine lines on the face, activate cell vitality, and improve skin aging problems from the inside out.

Lifting and firming: Repair damaged cells, promote the production of collagen and elastin, restore the elasticity of the skin, lift the sagging facial skin, and reshape the beautiful and smooth contour of the face.

Deep hydration: penetrate deep into the dermis layer, add moisture to the skin, improve skin problems caused by lack of water, deeply nourish cells, and make skin hydrated and full.

Remove dark yellow: Promote cell metabolism, comprehensively improve yellowing, dryness and other problems caused by various factors, dilute facial pigment, and gradually restore healthy and fair skin.

Brighten skin tone: Increase skin moisture, improve skin hydration and increase skin radiance.

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