August 31, 2022

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Name: CYTOCARE 715
Origin: France
Specifications: 5ml*5 bottles/box
Applicable parts: face and body

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CYTOCARE 715, with a hyaluronic acid concentration of 75mg/ml, can be used for face and neck lifting, hydration, whitening, lifting and firming, and anti-oxidation. The high content of hyaluronic acid has the effect of anti-oxidation and anti-aging.

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core advantages
1. Exclusive CT50 patented formula
In addition to the ultra-high concentration of hyaluronic acid, Silky 715 Kinesin also contains 50 kinds of cell active ingredients, which can effectively nourish the skin, improve skin moisture content, effectively repair damaged cells, stimulate collagen regeneration, and at the same time Fights free radicals and improves skin aging problems from multiple dimensions.
2. Unique SRN technology
"Slow-release mesh technology (SRN)": It refers to that under the action of a catalyst, the carboxyl groups in hyaluronic acid and the diamino groups of basic amino acids are linked in the form of "water bridges" to form a tertiary network structure of hyaluronic acid. A soluble skeleton is formed in the solution, and the active ingredients in the skeleton are gradually released into the skin with the metabolism of hyaluronic acid, which has the effect of slow release and dissolution.

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Main effect:

1. Provides excellent water lock, nourishing and anti-wrinkle effect for sensitive skin that is dry and dehydrated. After use, the skin can be moisturised, supple and shiny;

2. The content of hyaluronic acid is more, and its nutrients are as many as 15 or more, which injects various nutrients needed for cell growth into the skin;

3. Regenerates the self-repairing ability of cells, strengthens the skin's preventive ability, contains revitalizing and antioxidant effects, and provides nutrients and oxygen to the skin;

4. Long-acting base hydration, improve skin moisture lock, enhance skin absorption, and tighten pores;

5. Discharge precipitated toxins, resist free radicals, restore normal cell division speed, regenerate and differentiate new cells, cells are more dynamic, and skin is soft and smooth;

6. Improve skin conditions such as spots, crow's feet, skin melanin caused by various reasons;

7. Continue to stimulate collagen proliferation, improve skin texture and firm skin;

8. Protect skin, achieve antioxidant effect, delay aging and external stimulation;

9. Enhance facial contours.