Dermalax Hyaluronic Acid

March 24, 2023

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Dermalax Hyaluronic Acid is a hyaluronic acid product formed by adding BDDE to Hyaluronic Acid and then fermenting it for a long time. Monophasic Products, the advantage of Monophasic HA is that it does not require skin testing because it is a non-animal ingredient, it has a longer maintenance time, and it feels comfortable when injected. BDDE has no allergies and no side effects.

Dermalax, Implant Plus

Specification: 2 sticks/box, 1.1ml/stick
Effects: For deep wrinkle support and contouring
Application area: for deep wrinkles and forehead, nose, chin, etc.
Maintenance time: about 10-12 months


Dermalax, Deep Plus

Specification: 1pc/box, 1.1ml/pc
Box color: Blue
Effects: For deeper wrinkle filling
Applicable areas: temples, forehead, cheeks, decreases, apples, etc.
Maintenance time: about 8-10 months

Dermalx Plus

Specification: 1 pc/box, 1.1ml/pc.
Box color: orange
Effect: Improve superficial wrinkles and wrinkles around the eyes
Applicable areas: Crow's feet, corners of the mouth, marionette lines, lip augmentation, tear troughs, sleepers, facial fine lines, etc.
Maintenance time: about 6-8 months

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