DLMR Anti wrinkle essence

February 21, 2024

DLMR Premium
Full-layer anti-aging: PCL can stimulate fibroblasts and promote the synthesis and regeneration of natural collagen. Eight-point lifting will be a "new generation of anti-aging" collagen stimulator, which can have an effect on aging muscles.
Firming and lifting: directly promote the regeneration of collagen molecules, reorganize, repair and tighten the loose superficial fascia adipocyte chain, thus achieving the lifting effect.
Enhance elasticity: effectively promote the regeneration of collagen and elastin under the skin, restore the elasticity of the skin, restore the youthful state, and make the skin achieve the effect of firmness, elevation, fullness and youth.
Wrinkle-removing and skin-beautifying: After biodegradable PCL enters the human body, the cortex filler forms a wide range of 3D matrix, which can be completely absorbed by the human body, effectively promote the regeneration of natural collagen, and continuously fade fine lines and wrinkles.
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