Dongkook Hyaron

February 16, 2023

Dongkook Hyaron

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Product specification: 3ml*10pcs/box
Shelf life: 2 years
Suitable parts: face, neck, back of hand, back and other parts

Main ingredients: Ha ultra-fine molecule hyaluronic acid + glutathione + trace minerals
Maintenance time: about 80 days for the face
Suitable for skin: dull skin, rough pores, dry skin, pigmented face and other people


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1. Deep hydration.
Hyaluronic acid molecules penetrate into the skin cells, fully hydrate the cells, while locking moisture, repairing damaged cells, solving the problem of dry and rough skin caused by skin dehydration.

2. Hydrating and beautiful skin.
Promote collagen production, improve the roughness of the skin, make the skin hydrated and elastic.

3. Shrink pores.
Continuous hydration, repairing damaged cells, regulating skin water-oil balance, and achieving the effect of pore shrinkage.

4. Lighten fine lines.
Make the cells water enough, promote collagen production, lifting and firming, thus lightening fine wrinkles.

5. Improve dullness.
Rapid hydration, repair damaged cells, prevent pigmentation, improve dull skin, make the skin translucent and white.