July 19, 2023

Specification: 5g*10 bottles/box


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Place of origin: Korea
Suitable for skin type: General (dry skin, large pores, dull skin, no light flaccid, sagging, etc.)

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Form a barrier in the superficial layer of the skin, making the skin smooth and moist, blocking the invasion of foreign bacteria, dust and other invasive, but also to promote the proliferation and differentiation of epidermal cells, remove oxygen free radicals, with the role of micro-filling

2、Middle molecule-HA
Molecular weight is closer to the molecular weight of human cells, which can tighten the skin and moisturize it for a long time.

3、Small molecule-HA
It can penetrate into the deep dermis, slightly expanding capillaries, increasing blood circulation, improving intermediate metabolism, promoting the absorption of skin nutrients, has a strong anti-wrinkle function, increases skin elasticity, and slows down skin aging.


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1. Wrinkle repair, start the active repair mechanism of skin damage, recovery rate up to 72%;
2. Efficient active moisturizing, skin moisture content increases;
3. Promote blood circulation, rosy and radiant complexion, and enhance luster;
4. Stimulate cell growth and fiber cell growth;
5. Effectively improve the density of the dermis, 72 hours to increase the extracellular collagen;
6. Improve cellular protection against the damaging effects of free radicals on cells;
7. regenerative effect on glial and elastic fibers in the skin >90%.

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