FUSION Kinesium Essence

May 14, 2024

FUSION Kinesium
Specifications: 5 in a box, 10mlc in one
Moisturizing repair, Yan Huan new life
➡Efficacy: Emphasis on moisturizing and repairing, improving the skin's large pores, dullness, pigmentation, uneven skin, etc. caused by long-term lack of water in the skin.
➡Advantages: The stratum corneum is protected from ultraviolet radiation damage, and it also has excellent antioxidant and anti-aging effects; The skin layer is made, the skin is firm and plump, and the facial fine lines are reduced.
No need to use 4mm needle or five-point needle to inject 2-4mm subcutaneously with other hydrotherapy or nutritional drugs
0.01-0.03ml per point, the distance between points is 1cm. Use once every 15-30 days, 3 times as a course of treatment, and can be consolidated many times.

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