GUNA Collagen Italy

March 21, 2023

GUNA Collagen Italy

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Shape: Liquid
Specification: 2ml*10bottles/box
Suitable parts: Face, body parts
Skin type: Universal
Shelf life: 4 years
Origin: Italy
Suitable for: people with wrinkles, dryness, sagging, yellowing, pigmentation, aging and other skin problems.
Storage: Store at 20-25C, avoid freezing.

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Main ingredients of the product.
Collagen D6: It can restore the normal physiological processes of the skin and correct age-related skin changes to the maximum extent. It is completely safe for other organs and the whole body. Guna collagen also improves the denseness of the extracellular matrix, reduces the metabolism of extracellular groups and stimulates the production of autologous collagen to delay aging and remove wrinkles.

Main effects of the product

Anti-wrinkle and anti-aging: stimulates collagen regeneration, filling and removing wrinkles on the face and neck. Remove basal inflammation and toxins, balance and regulate cell metabolism, antioxidant, delay aging, and skin youthfulness.

Pore reduction: stimulates the metabolism of connective tissue, deep tightening, accelerates the speed of promoting the skin's own repair, shrinks pores, refines pores, and makes the skin tender like a newborn baby.

Deep hydration: It can replenish skin collagen, increase skin elasticity and replenish water, and deeply replenish hyaluronic acid to make skin hydrated and plump from inside out.

Bouncy and translucent: replenishes lost collagen to the skin in time, increasing skin elasticity, radiance and permeability.

Brighten skin tone: Stimulate skin metabolism, expel melanin, visibly improve dull skin tone, visibly brighten skin tone, improve dull and dry, skin light and bright.

Repairing depressions: GUNA with high concentration of water light use, can also achieve a certain filler effect.


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