Hyaluronic acid Filler

May 28, 2024

YVOIRE Face Filler

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YVOIRE Hyaluronic Acid is an authentic Korean Hyaluronic Acid produced by LG Life Sciences of Korea.
YVOIRE has the certification of the US Fda and passed the examination of the European EDQM.
The advantage of YVOIRE is that it is easy to shape, and the details can be taken into account when shaping, without flow displacement. It can also enhance the elasticity of the skin at the operation site, which is the high-quality hyaluronic acid among Korean hyaluronic acid products

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YVOIRE Mesomolecular Hyaluronic Acid Volume plus is suitable for filling normal wrinkles, apple muscles, temples and cheeks
Volume plus
"YVOIRE Volume plus" is a local anesthetic lidocaine added on the basis of large particles "YVOIRE Volume s" that improve severe facial wrinkles. Lidocaine is a widely used local anesthetic, which can relieve pain during operation.
YVOIRE small molecule hyaluronic acid classic plus, suitable for lip, tear groove, ear lobe and sleeping silkworm

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Classic plus
"YVOIRE classic plus" is a product added with local anesthetic lidocaine on the basis of "Classic s" to relieve pain during surgery. "YVOIRE Classic plus" cross combines with hyaluronic acid particles of middle size, injects the skin of concave and convex parts caused by aging and external stimulation, and has excellent effect in eliminating traces. It mainly improves moderate and severe facial wrinkles. Because the high concentration of hyaluronic acid is cross combined into high polymer hyaluronic acid, it is safer than other products because of its high elasticity and viscosity.