inno-tds face nade

April 7, 2023

Accelerate fat decomposition
The interaction of the major ingredients promotes the decomposition and metabolism of facial fat and inhibits fat synthesis, strengthening body metabolism and accelerating the speed of fat elimination.

Create an exquisite small face
Improves localized fat accumulation on the face due to natural or acquired formation, such as fat accumulation on the jawline and nasolabial folds. Eliminate local excess fat to create an exquisite and youthful small face goddess.

Improve facial contour
Small localized fat reduction on the face, elimination of double chin, while strengthening the elimination and reduction of water in the facial fat cells, saying goodbye to edema, refined sculpture of the facial contour, making the face line more smooth and soft.

Firming and Lifting Skin
Drain water and reduce swelling, tighten skin, lift loose tissue, increase skin elasticity, and restore youthfulness.

Removal of fatty eye bags
Suitable for localized small area lipolysis, can dissolve fatty eye bags, non-invasive, high safety


Carnitine: transports fatty acids to mitochondria, and accelerates metabolism under multiple effects. Accelerate the metabolism of fatty acid and glycerol, and synergize with antioxidant.

Artichoke leaf extract: Synergize with other ingredients to lower lipid and antioxidant, regulate microenvironment, balance and stabilize adipose tissue in the body. It has a protective effect on proteins, lipids, DNA and other biomolecules.

Herbaceous rhinoceros extract: Highly effective in combating skin edema and promoting the elimination of excess water from the body, thus achieving a dehydrating and decongesting effect. It also has anti-inflammatory and free radical scavenging effects.

Lecithin: Emulsifies and decomposes fats, converts carbohydrates and fats into energy, promotes blood circulation, reduces puffiness, and decomposes and discharges waste deposited in blood vessels. Breaks down toxins in the body and promotes smooth and supple skin.

Caffeine: accelerates fat burning, prevents fat accumulation, facilitates drainage and swelling, also tightens skin and reduces the appearance of cellulite.

Theophylline: promote fat degradation and improve the decomposition of lipids in the body