inno-tds face nade lipolysis

April 23, 2023

iinno-tds face nade lipolysis

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Shape: liquid
Origin: Spain
Applicable groups: Suitable for people with double chin, large obese face, obvious baby fat, fat accumulation in the jawline, fatty eye bags and other troubles

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Ingredients: carnitine
Vegetable thistle leaf extract
Herbaceous rhinoceros extract

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Accelerate fat decomposition: The interaction of the major ingredients promotes the decomposition and metabolism of facial fat and inhibits fat synthesis, strengthening body metabolism and accelerating the speed of fat elimination.

Create an exquisite small face: improve the localized fat accumulation on the face due to natural or acquired formation, such as fat accumulation on the jawline and nasolabial folds. Get rid of local excess fat to create an exquisite and youthful small face goddess.

Improve facial contour: small local fat reduction on the face, get rid of double chin, while strengthening the elimination and reduction of water in facial fat cells, say goodbye to edema, and sculpt the facial contour to make the face line more smooth and soft.

Tighten and lift skin: drainage and swelling, tighten skin, lift loose tissues, increase skin elasticity and restore youthful state.

Removing fatty eye bags: suitable for localized small-scale lipolysis, it can dissolve fatty eye bags without trauma and high safety.