Italian Guna Collagen

February 23, 2023

Italian Guna Collagen can replenish the lost collagen to your skin in time to restore your skin's elasticity, achieve firming and lifting, and fill all kinds of facial fine lines.


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Guna Collagen Ingredients: Collagen D6

Size: 10 bottles in a box, 2ml per bottle


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Guna Collagen efficacy:

1, anti-wrinkle and anti-aging: stimulate collagen regeneration, filling to get rid of wrinkles on the face and neck. Remove basal inflammation and toxins, balance and regulate the metabolism of cells, antioxidant, delay aging, skin youthfulness.

2, shrink pores: stimulate the metabolism of connective tissue, deep firming, accelerate the speed of promoting the skin's own repair, reduce pores, refine pores, skin tender as a newborn baby.

3, deep hydration: can replenish skin collagen, increase skin elasticity and replenish water, deep replenishment of hyaluronic acid, so that the skin from the inside out hydrated plump.

4, elasticity and translucency: timely replenishment of collagen lost to the skin, increasing skin elasticity, gloss and permeability.

5、Brighten skin tone: stimulate skin metabolism, discharging melanin, significantly improve dull skin tone, visible to the naked eye to brighten skin tone, improve dull and dry, skin light and bright white.

6, repair depression: GUNA with high concentration of water light use, can also achieve a certain filler effect.

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