Korea hyaron

February 17, 2023

Korea hyaron
Method (I) Needle rolling+water polishing
Step 1 The water light needle is introduced, and the needle is soaked in medical 75 degree alcohol, and then scalded with hot water
Step 2 After normal facial cleaning, apply the water polish liquid to the face, and the needle will roll on the face after natural air drying
Step 3 Roll for a while, then apply water light and continue rolling
Step 4 Apply the moisturizing facial mask frozen in the refrigerator on your face to reduce swelling and relieve pain.
Method (II) Introduction of injection microneedle
Step 1: disinfect the needle with a disinfection stick
Step 2: Clean the face and massage the whole face 1-2 times with micro-needles in a circle to prepare for the next introduction of water light
Step 3: After the massage, it is normal for the skin to be slightly red. Now it is time to apply water polish
Step 4: Evenly apply the water light on the face (don't apply it all over the face at the beginning, apply it in parts),
Step 5: After applying, do the introduction immediately, and also use the circular massage to introduce. A part of the skin will be slightly red and a little swollen, which is the best feeling! Then apply water light to the next part! (It is better to repeat twice)
Step 6: After the introduction, apply the sterile medical facial mask directly for sedation and repair
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