Korea MISFILL Hyaluronic Acid

March 10, 2023

Korea MISFILL hyaluronic acid, high purity, high quality hyaluronic acid hyaluronic acid - impurities only 0.0001%. Low injection pain, break through the traditional hyaluronic acid, through 3 years of research and development to maximize the advantages of traditional hyaluronic acid rose color, the formation of excellent saturation sense and durability. Very pure hyaluronic acid.


The MIS FILL VOLIME for Macromolecules corrects overall facial lines,
Create strong saturation.
For correcting chinless lines and nose,
Improving the overall line of the face has a remarkable effect.


MIS FILL DEEP creates saturation in the middle skin,
Ease deep wrinkles, can create local plump line.
Suitable for corners of mouth, lines, forehead wrinkles, drooping corners, etc.


Small molecule MIS FILL LIGHT in creating shallow skin
It has excellent effects on the sense of saturation and the improvement of skin wrinkles.
Suitable for light wrinkles or fine areas