Korea VOM Dermal Filler

August 9, 2022

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Korea VOM Hyaluronic Acid


VOM hyaluronic acid filler has the advantages of both formulas, soft injection feeling, strong lifting force, suitable for natural surgery advantages
VOM Hyaluronic Acid also demonstrates its safety by confirming that the filler melts within 2 hours as a result of an enzyme test, which measures enzyme concentration by time (300iu)


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Wrinkle removal
VOM hyaluronic acid can remove the wrinkles on the forehead, between the eyebrows, the corner of the eye, the lower face, and the corner of the mouth

Neck lines and other facial wrinkles, especially for nasolabial folds that are difficult to solve with other treatments

Flat face depression

Use VOM hyaluronic acid to fill cheeks, temples, brow bones, and sunken eye sockets to heal sunken scars


The moisturizing effect of VOM hyaluronic acid is 16 times that of collagen, it can not only lock in the skin
Moisture can also capture the water molecules in the external environment, continuously keep the skin moist, maintain the skin supple and firm, and prevent the skin from sagging and wrinkles.


VOM V Hyaluronic Acid:
Perfect for wrinkling, lip plumping and large fillings on the face with natural results.


VOM O Hyaluronic Acid:
Rhinoplasty, chin augmentation, deep wrinkles or dimples on the face for a plumping effect and a vibrant look.


VOM M Hyaluronic Acid:
Rhinoplasty, chin augmentation, etc. It is the best viscoelasticity among VOM hyaluronic acid, so it has a strong sense of fullness and maintenance.