Mastelli Placentex

April 29, 2024

Mastelli Placentex Facial Essence

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Product specification: 3ml*5pcs/box

Place of origin: Italy

Main ingredients: PDRN nucleotides, trace elements, amino acids, a variety of purines, etc.

Use parts: face, neck, chest, back of the hand, inner arms, inner thighs, around the navel

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Product Principle:

Using Placentex, which penetrates into the skin, the PDRN ingredient helps to speciate cellular genes and promote cell regeneration from the DNA stage.
By utilizing this property, it can quickly restore wounds and shorten the healing time, and can be used in a variety of fields such as eliminating scars or fine wrinkles, preventing skin aging, and enhancing skin elasticity, which is a treatment that essentially promotes the regeneration of the skin.

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1、Treating scars, proliferating collagen, promoting skin regeneration;
2、Activate fiber bud cells, improve the healing speed of damaged skin tissues;
3、Activate cells, inhibit melanin, increase skin luster, with the effect of lightening acne marks and pigmentation;
4, the activity of fibroblasts can be increased by 30%, improve the skin's own collagen growth and skin elasticity, improve the pore size due to collagen loss;
5, effective resistance to human free radicals, increase skin antioxidant function, reduce wrinkles, anti-aging effect is obvious;
6, comprehensive skin resurfacing, promote the growth of new skin, eliminate acne scars and marks, shrink pores, remove fine lines;