Medical Liquid Dressing

April 10, 2024

Medical Liquid Dressing

① Whitening

② clean spots

③Efficient anti-inflammatory, oily skin, acne, acne marks, sensitive skin, red blood

④ Inhibit melanin

⑤ Precisely targeted anti-inflammatory

Anesthesia: table anesthesia

①The recommended depth of basic water light and kinetic energy is 1.0~4mm.

②The recommended level of whitening and freckle removal is 1.0~2.0mm depth, and the effect of micro-needling is better.

Suggested needles: 1.5mm needle, 4mm painless needle, 5 needles for water light instrument

Injection volume per point: 0.05~0.2ml

Spacing between points: 0.5~2cm

Treatment time: 30~60 minutes

Suggested dosage: The recommended single dose of the basic water light is about 8ml; the basic water light is combined with kinetic energy, and it is recommended that the total dose for a single full-face use should be controlled within 10ml.

Recommended course of treatment: 3 to 5 times as a course of treatment, with an interval of 15 to 20 days.

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