April 16, 2024

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Mesohyal X-DNA is a new solution from the mesohyal line, which stimulates the regeneration of the skin. The product contains a combination of polymerized deoxyribonucleotide sodium low based on hyaluronic acid (HP sodium DNA).

Mesohyal X-DNA anti-aging repairs acne marks, repairs deep hydration, can effectively replenish lost elastin, instantly fills and repairs skin faults, deeply hydrates, and makes skin hydrated and firm.
Mesohyal X-DNA Penetration Treatment
Can fill and repair skin faults. It combines highly polymerized DNA with an exclusive ratio of hyaluronic acid. With the natural aging of the skin, the bottom layer of the skin loses a lot of elastin, and the collagen appears to be difficult to fill and cannot heal itself, which will make the skin loose and lack elasticity.
At the same time, the exclusive proportion of hyaluronic acid contains a large amount of hydrophilic factors, which can replenish the moisture lost by the skin during the treatment and repair damaged skin in seconds, directly lock the water deep, and regain moisture and firm the skin.

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Product Specifications:
3ml/bottle 5 bottles/box

Product ingredients:
Sodium deoxyribonucleotide 3%,
Non-crosslinked hyaluronic acid 2.5 mg/ml,
11 kinds of vitamins, 23 kinds of amino acids, 6 kinds of mineral salts, 3 kinds of coenzymes,
Sodium Hyaluronate 0.025 mg/ml
Effectively replenish lost elastin
Instantly fills and repairs skin gaps
Improve skin firmness and reduce pores
Smoothes wrinkles and revitalizes uneven skin
Replenish the lost moisture of the skin and deeply lock in water
Repair damaged skin support cells in seconds

Applicable parts:
Face, neck, arms, back, legs, etc.

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