December 1, 2023



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MIWELL SLIMLIQUID is different from traditional fat solution. No swelling, no pain, no redness, no limitations. Add 100% painless professional formula to dissolve fat. There was no adverse reaction after use. You'll see results in a few hours. It has been approved by Korea KFDA!



Painless formula: 3 x 3 ml


Fat dissolution: 3*3 ml l




Cyanocobalamin, 1, 2-pentanediol, lecithin, Bromelain, Centella asiatica extract, Scutellaria root extract, Salvia miltiorrhiza root extract, Mother Chrysanthemum extract

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Cobalamin cyanogen: Also known as vitamin B12, cobalamin cyanogen. In the form of a coenzyme, it increases the availability of folate and promotes the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Make fat, carbohydrate, protein be used properly by the body.


1, 2-PENTanEDIol: IN cosmetics and skin care products, the main role is antibacterial agent, moisturizer, solvent, water lock and antibacterial functions, and can improve the water resistance of sunscreen products.


Lecithin: alias ovalynn, phosphatidylcholine. Speed up fat metabolism, carbohydrates and fat into energy, promote blood circulation, reduce swelling, the deposition of garbage in the blood vessels to break down and out of the body. It is also moisturizing and antioxidant, which can add luster to the skin.


Bromelain: Also known as bromeliad enzyme. Pineapple contains protein decomposition enzyme, fat decomposition effect, anti-inflammatory and promote healing detumescence, pain relief.


Centella asiatica extract: alias tiger grass. Asiaticoside, the main component of Asiaticoside, has a promoting effect on the vitality of scar fibroblasts, so it has the effect of removing scars. It has a good polymerization effect with phospholipid substances, and has an obvious effect on eliminating acne.


Huang Cen root extract: inhibit elastase, interfere with secretion, can eliminate free radicals, thereby increasing skin metabolism, increase skin elasticity and anti-wrinkle, can anti-aging, improve sebum make skin supple; Can inhibit dermatitis, enhance the resistance of the skin, with anti-inflammatory; Can neutralize the release of histamine, has the ability to prevent allergies.


Salvia miltiorrhiza root extract: It can promote the proliferation of collagen, so it can enhance the metabolism of skin dermis and has antioxidant property. And the decomposition of fat to promote the effect, can be used for weight loss products, the generation of hyaluronic acid to promote the effect, can be used as a moisturizer.


Mother chrysanthemum extract: Alias: Mother chrysanthemum extract, chamomile extract. Chrysanthemum extract has antibacterial, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, soothing and anti-sensitive biological activities, which can prevent allergy, moisturize, prevent acne and anti-aging.


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1, eliminate fat: accelerate the decomposition of fat, burn residual fat, reduce the speed of fat accumulation, eliminate the body stubborn ugly fat;


2, shape the body: promote lipolysis and quickly eliminate the body, improve the effect of aerobic exercise. Evenly dissolve fat fat cells, so that the fat reduction part of the curve is smooth, perfect shape, shape more beautiful;


3, beautiful legs and thin waist: soften leg muscles, decompose waist fat, accelerate metabolism, thin long legs, horse wing-waist;


4. Lift and tighten: stimulate the continuous regeneration of collagen, lift the relaxed tissue deeply, lift the body outline, make the skin firm and elastic, and reproduce the beauty of young bone.

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