Monalisa hyaluronic acid

March 9, 2023

Monalisa hyaluronic acid is suitable for filling parts:
Applicable to: breast augmentation, hip augmentation, nose augmentation, chin augmentation and other plastic operations, and the filling part is deep tissue;
It is not suitable for filling small parts, such as lacrimal groove and neck line.
Use effect and maintenance time of Monalisa hyaluronic acid:
Monalisa Hyaluronic Acid uses HY-BRID cross-linking technology, and the matching needle is an upgraded thin-walled needle, which is characterized by more complete injection of all products, and is gentle enough to lubricate and relieve pain.
It can naturally integrate with the surrounding tissues, help the skin smooth, natural and plump, more in line with the ergonomic design, and can effectively prevent needle burst.
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