NEAUVIA Hyaluronic Acid

July 1, 2024

Hydro Deluxe contains 18 mg/ml pure hyaluronic acid enriched with 0.01% calcium hydroxyapatite.

This unique ingredient activates and supports the natural process of collagen production, thanks to which the skin becomes thicker and firmer.

For best results, a series of 4 treatments should be administered 3 weeks apart. At the end of the series, in order to preserve the results, it is necessary to provide the patient with a follow-up treatment planned six months later.
Four benefits of Hydro Deluxe

1. Moisturizing at the bottom of the skin: from the inside to the outside, it quickly locks water and tightens the skin.

2 Collagen regeneration: activate collagen autogenous energy.

3 Tighten pores: smooth and shiny, regain youthful elasticity

4 Wrinkle and whitening: the new young face refining technique

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