Particolare PDRN essence

July 8, 2024

Particolare PDRN facial essence

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【 Product Specification 】: 5x3ml/box
[For treatment]: sensitive muscles, dark skin, fine lines, red blood filaments, shrinking pores, anti-aging cells, regeneration and repair of pockmarks
【 Shelf life 】: 3 years

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Main efficacy:
1. Treat scars, proliferate collagen, and promote skin regeneration;
2. Activating fibroblasts to improve the healing speed of damaged skin tissue;
3. Activate cells, inhibit melanin, increase skin glossiness, and have the effect of reducing acne marks and pigmentation;
4. The activity of fibroblasts can be increased by 30%, improving the growth of skin collagen and skin elasticity, and improving the coarseness of pores caused by collagen loss;
5. Effectively resist human free radicals, increase skin antioxidant function, reduce wrinkles, and have a significant anti-aging effect;
6. Comprehensive rejuvenation, promoting the growth of new skin, eliminating acne scars and marks, shrinking pores, and removing fine lines;
7. Improve the internal environment of the skin, restore the original structure of the skin, restore elasticity, and restore a healthy state