Pillox - liposoluble

January 17, 2024

Pillox liposoluble

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Specification: 1 piece x 5ml/box
Origin: South Korea
Packaging method: bottled
Skin type used: universal
Shelf life: 3 years
Place of use: Face, neck, and other areas that require fat removal
Product ingredients: sodium chloride, tyrosine, and JUGLANS REGIA, AESCULUS CHINENSIS, adenine nucleotide disodium salt, FUCUS VESICULUS, adenosine triphosphate, OPHIOPOGON JAPONICA. Sh oligopeptide-1, sh polypeptide 64, tetrapeptide 44

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Product target audience:
1. Thin face (cheeks, double chin, neck)
2. Patients with contraindications to liposuction
3. Those who cannot eliminate local fat through exercise and dietary control
4. People with uneven skin surface after liposuction