October 20, 2022


PLACENTEX PDRN Beauty Sculpting Hydration Essence


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1, PLACENTEY PDRN salmon hydration needle raw materials from the European natural non-polluted waters salmon, non-artificial farming, advanced extraction process, the product requirements are more stringent;.

2, PLACENTEY is a famous brand in the field of anti-aging, loved by the former President of Italy, has gained the reputation of skin gold caviar.

3、The world's only regenerative healing and repair factor that promotes cell and tissue regeneration.

4, PDRN (polydeoxyribonucleotide) to promote the increase in the number of fibroblasts, and the secretion of the activation, so that rapid wound healing;

5, PDRN is extracted from salmon caviar extract, has a strong regenerative repair effect, effective activation of cellular autologous regeneration, not only can be used to do hydrophobic, its powerful repair effect, but also to treat joint injuries, etc..


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1、Treat scars, proliferate collagen and promote skin regeneration.

2、Activate fibroblast cells and increase the speed of healing of damaged skin tissues.

3. activating cells, inhibiting melanin, increasing skin glossiness and having the effect of lightening acne marks and pigmentation.

4. the activity of fibroblasts can be increased by 30%, improving the skin's own collagen growth and skin elasticity, and improving the enlarged pores caused by collagen loss.

5、Effectively resist human free radicals, increase skin antioxidant function, reduce wrinkles and have obvious anti-aging effect.

6、Comprehensive skin resurfacing, promote the growth of new skin, eliminate acne scars and marks, shrink pores and get rid of fine lines.

7、Improve the internal environmental state of the skin, restore the original structure of the skin, so that the skin to restore elasticity, regain a healthy state.

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