July 27, 2023


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Specification: 2.5ml*6 bottle box

PDRN content: 14.06mg 2.5ml

Place of origin: Korea

Applicable Skin Type: General

Applicable parts: face, all over the body

Storage: Storage temperature control at 1~30 °, placed in a cool dry place storage, avoid direct sunlight

Suitable for: For people who need to repair damaged skin, regulate water and oil balance, shrink pores, lighten acne marks and improve fine lines.

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Repair the barrier: improve the physiological conditions inside the damaged skin, activate the self-skin regeneration ability, improve the internal micro-system, repair cells

Promote regeneration: accelerates cell metabolism, improves cell regeneration ability, promotes collagen and elastin fiber production, restores skin elasticity.

Water-oil balance: locks in skin moisture, repairs damaged skin, gets rid of excess oil, helps the water-oil balance inside the skin.

Pore Shrinkage: hydrates and moisturizes, shrinks facial pores and increases skin fineness. Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory repair, improve acne skin.

Improve Fine Lines: Promote collagen production to restore skin elasticity, increase the skin's stratum corneum, lighten fine lines on the face and slow down skin aging.

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