August 28, 2023


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Specification: 1ml*1pcs/box

Warranty: 2 years

Target group: suitable for people with skin aging, sunburned skin, face sagging and other troubles.

Storage: Sealed, room temperature storage, avoid direct sunlight

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Main Ingredients
PN, polynucleotide, hyaluronic acid



1. After Sun Repair

Repair skin damage caused by photoaging, effectively improve the internal micro-environment of the skin, focusing on the gentle repair of damaged cells, and synchronized with the replenishment of moisture, repair of post-sunburn skin.

2. Anti-aging

Enhance the level of cell proliferation, maintain cell and skin vitality, resistance to aging.

3.Lifting and firming

Stimulate fibroblasts to secrete various growth factors, promote the generation of collagen, elastin and reticular fibers, replenish the elastic fibers lost due to aging, reduce wrinkles, improve the problem of facial laxity, and tighten the skin.

4. Improve skin texture

Restore the skin's water-oil balance, reduce sebum secretion, PN enhances the inflammation repairing effect of A2a receptor, change the skin texture from the inside, to achieve the improvement of acne and scars and other problems.

5. Deep Hydration

Provide water-locking nourishment for dry, dehydrated and sensitive skin to maintain water-oil balance.

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