REJURAN HB Facial Restoring & Firming

February 1, 2023

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Suitable parts:Face, neck, back of hands, etc.
Accessory list:1 x 33G*4mm needle
Shelf life:2 years Country of origin:Korea
Suitable skin type:Universal, especially for aging, damaged skin
Suitable groups:For people with aging skin, sun-damaged skin, sagging face, etc.
Storage: Sealed, at room temperature, stored in a cool, dry place, out of the reach of children and out of direct sunlight.

latest company news about REJURAN HB Facial Restoring & Firming  1

Key benefits.
1. Lifting and firming

Stimulates fibroblasts to secrete various growth factors to promote the production of collagen, elastin and reticular fibres, replenishing the elastic fibres lost due to ageing, reducing wrinkles, improving facial laxity and firming the skin.

2. After-sun repair

Repairs damaged skin caused by photoaging, effectively improves the skin's internal microenvironment, concentrates on gently repairing damaged cells and replenishes moisture at the same time, very suitable for post-sun care.


3. Anti-ageing

Activates the skin's regenerative capacity, allowing new cells to gradually increase and ageing cells to be gradually replaced. Maintains the normal activity of DNA in the cells and maintains the normal metabolic cycle of the cells, thus fighting against skin ageing problems in a comprehensive manner.


4. Improve skin texture

PN enhances the inflammatory repair effect of A2a receptors to change the skin texture from within and improve acne and scarring problems.


5. Deep hydration

HA is internationally recognized as the most ideal natural skin nourishing and moisturizing factor, which penetrates deep into the skin to fill the lack of moisture under the skin and locks it in, improving the problems caused by dehydration such as dullness and fine lines, making the skin hydrated and translucent, full and elastic.