October 24, 2022

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Product Name: REJURAN Healer
Product Specifications:2ml*2pcs
Recommended use area: face, neck, collarbone and lower V-shaped, back of the hand
Origin: Korea
Shelf life: 2 years
Suitable for people: face with fine lines, blemishes, skin allergies, thin stratum corneum and other skin problems people

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PN (polynuleotide) is a DNA fragment extracted from the sperm nest of salmon, and after processing the DNA fragment, the molecular weight is increased to form a three-dimensional scaffold structure. (PN is a highly concentrated version of PDRN)
PN can effectively improve the internal structure of the skin, enhance cellular and tissue regeneration, revitalize the skin from the inside out, and promote the skin back to a healthy and youthful state, effectively solving multiple problems such as skin dullness, damage, wrinkles, aging, acne, etc.

Advantages of PN
● Promotes the formation of collagen, makes up for the elastic fibers and improves the sagging skin.
● Quick effect, which can restore the skin to a stable state quickly.
● Excellent recovery efficacy, improving the regeneration ability of cells themselves.
●Adjusts the internal circulation of the skin, promotes blood circulation and helps to balance the skin's water and oil.
● High compatibility with human body and no side effects.

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