REJURAN-i Skin care essence

June 7, 2024

REJURAN-i promotes the regeneration of eye cells, increases skin elasticity and improves the inner circulation of the skin from the inside out in a scientific and safe way to solve multiple eye problems.


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Product: REJURAN-i

Origin: Korea

Specification: 1ml*1pcs/box

Shelf life: 2 years

For problems: dark circles, eye bags, tear troughs, fine lines around the eyes, sagging skin around the eyes, etc.


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Main ingredients
Hyaluronic acid + PN, Polynucleotide

Main effects
1. Diminishes dark circles under the eyes:


Delivering nutrients to the eyes, promoting cell regeneration and improving the internal circulation of the eyes to lighten dark circles and help rejuvenate the eyes;


2、Remove eye bags:


After injected into the eyes, it can promote the growth of self-collagen, improve eye laxity, tighten the skin and alleviate the problem of eye bags;


3、Smoothing eye lines:


Repairing damaged skin caused by various environmental factors, replenishing skin collagen, inducing self skin regeneration, effectively smoothing out fine lines and tear troughs under the eyes;


4. Firming and Lifting:


Maintain cellular activity, keep its normal metabolic cycle, promote skin elasticity recovery, lift the eye area, skin fine and firm;


5. Age-reversal repair:


Repair damaged cells and enhance the regenerative capacity of aging cells themselves.


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