March 24, 2023

Red box: a box of 1ml*1, an enhanced version of the black box. Formula upgrade. Tongyan Shuiguang

1. The complementary effects of regeneration (PN) + water light (HA) the active ingredient PN that restores damaged aging skin and the HA ingredient with excellent skin moisturizing effect are combined to achieve dual effects and achieve skin rejuvenation + water light effect. 2. Convenience (avoid the trouble of mixing and stirring) When Lizhuran and HA water and light are applied at the same time, the trouble of mixing and stirring is avoided 3. Concentrated treatment on the part that needs improvement (1cc for the improvement part) The current volume of Lizhuran is normal (1cc) is suitable for the part that needs intensive treatment 4, reduce pain contains lidocalne to reduce postoperative pain 5, safety + quick repair use the substances in the human body as the main components, which can make the operation safer, and at the same time recover quickly after the operation, without affecting daily life

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