REJURAN skinbooster 3+3

August 19, 2022

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3 bottles of pdrn (agent A) + 3 bottles of amino acids (agent B)
Use one bottle each time, three times a course of treatment!
It can be injected by injection, or it can be directly imported into mts
The main ingredients of REJURAN skinbooster 3+3 are
c-PDRN: DNA fragment extracted from salmon, skin tissue regeneration catalyst
(Skin Healing Booster)
HA solution: Increase skin moisture, remove free radicals, help cell proliferation and movement


1. Skin regeneration
High functional ingredient c-PDRN + HA + 4 amino acids

2. Skin moisturizing
Promotes collagen production, replenishes moisture, and creates clean skin.

3. Skin elasticity recovery and wrinkle improvement
Activates the regeneration of damaged skin and increases skin elasticity.

4. Anti-aging
Restores four amino acids from oxidative damage to skin tissue to prevent aging.

latest company news about REJURAN skinbooster 3+3  1