REVOLAX Hyaluronic Acid

December 22, 2023

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Revolax is a unique technology that makes hyaluronic acid arranged in a high-density and regular single-phase crystal structure, so that it can be injected smoothly at one time throughout the injection process and give people a coordinated and beautiful vision after injection. revolax has a more stable and longer-lasting effect after injection due to its unique molecular structure, and has a more natural effect as it is gradually absorbed by the body over time.

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High Purity

REVOLAX is a biodegradable gel with high purity hyaluronic acid extracted through bacterial fermentation, which is optimized for natural substances to adapt to human skin tissue.



High cross-linking property

Revolax FINE with Lidocaine, which is recommended for the removal of fine lines on the face, is rapidly absorbed by human skin tissue, creating a very natural and healthy effect at the injection site.


High Viscosity

Viscoelasticity is one of the most critical factors in determining the longevity, filling effect, and molding ability. depending on the application and treatment area, different viscoelasticity levels can be chosen to achieve optimal results. revolax DEEP with Lidocaine, has a high viscosity. Revolax DEEP with Lidocaine has a high viscosity. For deeper wrinkle removal, Revolax Deep has a longer lasting and more stable effect, this product needs to be injected in the deep dermis or in the superficial layer of the subcutaneous tissue.


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