SCULPTRA 5D Collagen Essence

January 9, 2023

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SCULPTRA 5D Collagen Essence


Collagen content: 5ml/ bottle (8mg per ml, total content 40mg)

Service life: 24 months

Collagen Type: Type III humanized collagen

Product Features: 100% homology with human collagen sequence

How to use: cutaneous injection

Course setting: 1 time per month, 3 times per course

Treatment scope: 1. Loose fine lines, dark stains, dry and sensitive, enlarged pores caused by collagen loss

2. Inhibition of pigmentation caused by inflammation and recovery of heat damage after laser surgery

3. Collagen peptide containing phenolic hydroxyl can effectively inhibit the activity of carbosinase and prevent the production of melanin

4. Special lines treatment (stretch marks, fat marks)


Accelerate collagen regeneration from the inside out and promote wound healing

Effectively repair problem muscle, sensitive muscle, deep skin

Restore skin elasticity net, improve skin elasticity, fade fine lines

Reduce the formation of melanin, accelerate the degradation of pigment spot

Three-dimensional moisturizing, gentle bidirectional hydration lock water, improve the moisture of the base

latest company news about SCULPTRA 5D Collagen Essence  1