venus 6d

October 8, 2022

Product name: Venus 6D Firming Essence
Alias: Venus 6D Small Face Needle
Original place of production: South Korea
Product specification: 1 box, 1 piece, 5ml
1. Fat dissolving+face slimming: tighten and improve the contour, no pain, no redness, no swelling, you can see the effect in two days, no surgery, no trauma, no marks, no pain
2. Quick effect: generally, you can see the effect of slimming face in one week, and individual people can see the effect in three days, and the effect is the best in 2-3 months
3. It is required to be precise and cautious in terms of dosage and operation process. Compared with face reduction surgery, it is cheaper and more economical.
4. There is no need for massage and special care after the injection, which will not affect the normal work and life.
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