Venus 6D weight loss and fat dissolving

March 7, 2024

Korean Venus 6D specifications:

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One piece/box, one piece 5ml

6D︁︄Small face effect:

V face

Fat removal

Improve muscle elasticity

Improve skin lines

Face lift ︋︃︌ pull

How to operate the 6D needle

1. The injection method is the same as the lipolysis needle, pinch the skin, and use a 4 milli︌​meter needle to inject vertically in dots, without adding anything else, and inject 0.2~0.5ml for each spot. ︆Control to hit ︊︎⁢ to the fat layer. It doesn’t matter if part of it hits the muscles. No more than 2 sticks per ︅ time on the face. After the injection, gently ︇︋ massage for 5 minutes left ︋right.

The 6D small ︃ face needle can dissolve fat at the same time + ͏︅︋⁢︂ firming, improving the contour of the face ︆​​, ︆︃︉Note ︎‎no pain or swelling, the effect can be seen in two days.


2. ︅Positive ︅⁡⁡ Make sure to ︉︃ into the fat layer, and the needle depth is large ⁠approximately 4 to 6 ︄mm root‎͏Decide the depth according to the location ︌, do not shoot too deep. ︎͏︂ hits the upper fat layer layer⁡︇ the effect is the best, if it touches the nerves deeply, it will definitely be swollen, will become hard, and ​︅︎ will feel painful. So ︌ ︇‎⁢ we can also ︅ use the full-stop needle fan style, small ︌︂face needle⁡͏︋ must be correct​឴act ︋ to the fat ︀⁡͏ fat​ layer!