February 16, 2023

VOM spring hyaluronic acid can remove wrinkles on the head, between the eyebrows, at the corners of the eyes, under the face, and at the corners of the mouth
Neck wrinkles and other facial wrinkles, especially nasolabial furrows that are difficult to be solved by other therapies, have a good effect. After injection
You can see the surprise effect.
VOM spring hyaluronic acid shaping is a new method to perfect facial contour, which can lower nose and chin
Lip filling, etc., because it does not need to be operated, and has quick effect and high safety
Use VOM spring hyaluronic acid to fill the sunken cheeks, temples, eyebrow bones and eye sockets, and smooth the sunken scars
And so on.
The moisturizing effect of VOM spring hyaluronic acid is 16 times that of collagen. It can not only lock the
Moisture can also catch the water molecules in the external environment, continuously keep the skin moist and maintain the skin water
It is in a tender and tight state to prevent skin relaxation and wrinkles.
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