YVOIRE Filling

August 11, 2022

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YVOIRE hyaluronic acid is developed and developed using the high molecular weight hyaluronic acid plus stabilization technology (HESH technology) independently developed by LG Life Sciences. It has excellent elasticity and viscosity. After injection, it has a good moisturizing effect and can obtain more lasting Sculpting effect


YVOIRE Hyaluronic Acid Benefits:

1. The design adopts HESE technology, which makes the elasticity and viscosity of the product better, and the service life is longer;

2. The molecular structure of the product itself is 3 million Daltons, which is closer to the structure of the human body

YVOIRE Hydro (10 mg/ml), YVOIRE Classic (cross-linked type, 22 mg/ml), YVOIRE Volume (cross-linked type, 22 mg/ml) are used to repair facial wrinkles and folds.

Among them, YVOIRE Hydro is used for epidermal injection, YVOIRE Classic is injected into the middle dermis, and YVOIRE Volume is injected into the deep dermis.


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