August 1, 2022

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BABYFACE Ampoule Green Fat Dissolving


BABYFACE Green Fat Dissolving can work on the face, waist, legs and back. It can quickly dissolve all kinds of cellulite and achieve the effect of rapid weight loss in the short term.

latest company news about BABYFACE Ampoule  0

【Product】BABYFACE Ampoule Green Fat Dissolving

【Origin】South Korea
[Specification] 1 box/5 sticks/5ml
[How to use] Local injection on the face and body

【Uses】Facial contour adjustment and fat-dissolving; body curve shaping: Green Fat-Soluble is a professional face and body fat-dissolving, meeting the needs of different parts and different purposes for fat-dissolving, with natural ingredients, eliminating a large part of worry.

[Advantages] Green Lipolysis helps you avoid the pain of liposuction surgery, as well as the uneven skin surface and even complications. As a professional fat-dissolving needle, green fat-dissolving needle can achieve the purpose of meeting different fat-dissolving needs.

【Advantages of face sculpting injection】 It is convenient and fast to have a small and sharp V-shaped face without surgery on the bones. The micro-adjustment time is as short as 5-10 minutes, which will not interfere with daily life, and the effect can be seen with only one micro-adjustment.

【Applicable sites for injection】 Cheekbones, droopy cheeks, droopy muscles behind the ears, double chin, thighs, buttocks, abdomen, flanks, arms, back fat, etc.

[Preservation method] Store at room temperature when unopened, valid for 2 years
After opening and mixing, keep refrigerated and use up within a week.