Effects and precautions of inno small brown bottle

January 6, 2022

Latest company news about Effects and precautions of inno small brown bottle

Applicable skin: dullness, spots, acne marks, dryness, large pores, roughness.

1. Remove the black spots and lighten the spots, and even brighten the complexion

2. Large pores are significantly improved, and the skin is delicate and smooth

3. The skin is smoother, more refined and moisturized

4. Smooth out skin bumps and restore youthful texture

Inno's small brown bottle composition ratio:

Glutathione: inhibit melanin production and synergistic antioxidant

Pure active vitamin C: dilutes the formed melanin and inhibits its production from the source

Copper Gluconate and Lipoic Acid: Eliminate free radicals, clean and fine

Silicone: Promote collagen production, restore smooth and elastic youthful texture

1. Chloasma is suitable for active spots, such as the darker and darker the laser hits, the heavier shift in the past six months, the obvious blocky flake spots, and the dark spots on the bottom; qualitative spots (Ota nevus, age spots, The effect of freckles), mother spots is not as good as laser, if there are endocrine or metabolic underlying diseases, the effect will not be too good

2. The inflammatory pigmentation effect is very good, it can improve about 60% at one time, and the inflammatory pigmentation can be subsided by using the Inno small brown bottle 2-3 times. The inflammatory pigmentation includes: blackening after laser and other cosmetic procedures, and the color after injury Shen, acne marks, darkening after sun

3. Update the injection method of Inno small brown bottle: 2.5ml water light, 1.2mm depth is the best, if it is painful, you can use 1.0mm, Demasa adjusts the single needle dose to 0.0179; 2.5ml roller needle, 0.5mm depth, side Apply on the edge of the roll and do not see blood. If there are areas that are not covered by the rolling needle and the water and light, leave 0.5ml of the needle for injection in the dosage of the needle. Cover several times with water shine and roller needle!

safety warning

1. It is forbidden to be used for people who suffer from autoimmune diseases or who are receiving immunotherapy;

2. It is forbidden to be used in people who are known to suffer from allergies or allergic to any kind of ingredient;

3. It is not recommended for acne skin;

4. Use with caution during menstrual period during pregnancy or lactation;

5. Diabetes is forbidden to use.

6. Try not to touch water for 8 hours after facial operation;

7. Those with poor repair ability can extend the operation interval.latest company news about Effects and precautions of inno small brown bottle  0