Hyaluronic acid lytic enzyme

November 4, 2021

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step.1 Proportion


Hyaluronic acid dissolving enzyme exists in the form of freeze-dried powder, which generally needs to be prepared before use.

Take a bottle of dissolving enzyme, draw about 3ml of normal saline and inject it into the bottle, dissolve the dry powder, shake and dissolve completely;
Use a 1ml syringe to draw 0.3ml of dissolved enzyme;
Add normal saline to dilute to 1ml and mix well (it can also be diluted to 1ml with a 2.5ml syringe for more uniformity).


step.2 Skin test
Take 0.02ml of 150u/ml medicinal solution for intradermal injection. If a rash with pseudopodia appears within 5 minutes, it lasts for 20-30 minutes, and there is a sensation of itching, which is positive. However, transient erythema in the local area, which is caused by vasodilation, is not positive.


step.3 Injection
When injecting, first determine the depth and breadth of the injection, try to inject into the middle of the hyaluronic acid, and inject evenly in multiple directions, so that there will be no unevenness after dissolution. If you are not sure about the depth, hit it as shallowly as possible. It can also dissolve most of the hyaluronic acid by infiltrating it under the skin.


TIPS: Press for a few minutes after the injection to avoid swelling. Generally, it stabilizes within 1 to 2 days.

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