Jade roller introduction

March 23, 2021

Latest company news about Jade roller introduction

Enjoy Natural & Healthy Massage - Jade roller are made of 100%Anti-aging, resist wrinkles, improve facial blood circulation, and reproduce youthful faces. Jade is rich in trace elements that are beneficial to the human body, such as chromium and iron. If jade jewelry is often worn, these beneficial elements can be infiltrated through the skin. , Into the human body, thereby balancing the coordination of yin and yang, and promoting physical health


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How to use

Jade roller usages: jade roller has 2 ends, the bigger end is suitable for face and neck massage, the small roller fits eyes and small corner, gently push along skin growth direction and massage for 10 - 15 minutes, or heat it in hot water, reoccupy massage to accelerate skin to absorb skin care cream


Gua sha scraper usages: keep it at 15 degree angle when moving from the center of the face towards to hairline, then down the neck towards collar bone, which is an ancient Chinese method to improve blood micro circulation; Put it into refrigerator, experience extra relaxation


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